The Central Florida Commercial Real Estate market is one of the most thriving and dynamic in the Country. All six counties we operate in are beautifully unique and diverse. Each demands a highly evolved, incredibly specific focus and attention. Our Professionals are adept at studying the nuances of every corner of our region. We value research and an accurate knowledge of recent transactions, trend lines, market rates and incentives as the keys to understanding exactly where the market stands.

The professionals at Lloyd Commercial Advisors (LCA) pride themselves on nurturing key relationships with State and local government officials to the benefit of our client’s interests. We engage only the most highly qualified and battle-tested contractors, consultants, engineers and vendors and leverage their knowledge and expertise to thoroughly examine the due diligence required before any deal. The world of commercial real estate can be complex but we can assist by leveraging our highly valued business and community relationships.

We also embrace and leverage technology as a disruptor. LCA invests its time and resources to make ensure that the firm and our professionals are using the most recent platforms in listing databases, digital & social marketing, client relationship management and communication. We ensure that our clients will continuously benefit from our use of the most cutting-edge advancements in business and CRE technology.

Finally, we ensure discretion. Many of our clients are in expansion mode and request the utmost in stealth and discretion with respect to their vital transactions. We are skilled at working the back rooms of the permitting offices, and making the ‘off the record’ calls to keep our clients under the radar during he due diligence period and beyond. If you ever need to evaluate a project quietly regardless of size or scale, LCA can help.